The early business adventures of Mammen & Drescher

Mammen & Drescher was founded in 1896 by the brothers-in-law A. Mammen and M.P. Thresher. Over the years, Mammen & Drescher has dealt with many different business areas.

Around 1914, the company actively began an attempt to establish car production in Denmark. Mammen & Drescher were in this connection together with Jan Hagemeister behind the production of the car “Jan” in Jyderup. In addition, Mammen & Drescher was a general importer of several car brands and the tire brand “FISK AUTOGUMMI”.

Over time, the company has been established in Aarhus, Aalborg, Copenhagen, Nyborg, Esbjerg and New York.

The beginning of a freight forwarding business in Copenhagen's Frihavn

In 1961, Finn Drescher started a forwarding business in Copenhagen’s Frihavn, with the main activities being the storage of large quantities of goods (coffee, tea and cocoa) and truck transport to the rest of Denmark and Scandinavia. Finn Drescher established storage facilities at Islands Brygge and Ottiliavej in Valby. In addition, he subsequently built his own terminal in Vestre Teglgade in Copenhagen’s South Harbor alongside the store in Pakhus 21 in Frihavnen.

Today, Mammen & Drescher is located by Kvistgård and consists of quality freight forwarders who arrange the safe transport of goods for both private individuals and companies.