Distribution and export

Our mission is one of delivering the goods on time to your customers.

M&D partnerships with many other carriers will ensure that the goods will reach their destination in good condition at the time agreed. We follow up on the particular consignments, and feedback on any irregularities en route will be reported immediately.From our storage hotels, or direct from your address, transport of most types of goods is provided, by way of air, sea or road transport.M&D has invested in updated equipment for servicing of the environmental zones in the large cities of Denmark. Denmark, as well as certain parts of the Scandinavian countries, may be reached by truck on a day-to-day basis.

We are offering services such as:

Sea freight as container goods or as general goods

Air freight in large as well as small consignments

Safe delivery by truck in Denmark, Scandinavia, and the EU

Prompt Courier Dispatch

Express runs throughout Europe

Crosstrade road transport

Transport insurance can be taken out by mutual agreement

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