Distribution and export

We specialize in export and distribution, with a focus on local deliveries within Denmark. Whether it’s small packages from your webshop to customers across the country or full loads destined for international markets, we ensure seamless handling and timely delivery.

From our warehouse or directly from your address, transport of most types of goods are possible, by air, sea or road transport.

M&D has invested in updated equipment for servicing of the environmental zones in the large cities of Denmark. 

Our services include:

  • Local distribution within Denmark
  • Export to international markets
  • Transport of shipments via sea, air, rail, and road freight to all around the world.


With our expertise and network, we guarantee reliable and efficient logistics solutions tailored to meet your export and distribution needs.

We are offering services such as:

Delivery by truck

Air freight

Sea freight


Express Transports throughout Europe

Handling of transports for crosstrades

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