Ship’s Service

logistics services for the ship traffic

All types of ships
Cargo Ships, Container ships, Crusing liners, Tankers, and Ferries. M&D deliver service for all types of ships! If you need help or have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us

Ship delivery on time - worldwide

It is important that the ship can get to sea quickly

Storage - customs-cleared and non-customs-cleared goods

Handling supplies, spare parts and baggage

Delivery to the ship, possibly urgent tasks around the clock

Follow-up on shipments to the ship

Customs formalities

Customs posting of shipping goods

Duty-free goods can be stored in our customs warehouse until they are delivered to the ship in duty-free condition. Of course, we also arrange the execution and customs formalities of EU goods.

24-hour duty

Ship deliveries can take place every day – and around the clock.

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