Customs warehouse & warehouse hotel

We have storehouses for all purposes, which meet requirements of the authorities and
the insurance companies!
In our stores, careful storage is provided in a safe and secure setting, covering storage of virtually anything on the earth.Duty paid and duty unpaid goods are stored. Further, we hold a SKAT permit to store highly taxed goods.

You have the option of taking out insurance against fire, theft and water damage upon further agreement.

If you choose to start a collaboration with Mammen & Drescher, you get a warehouse that is flexible and professional. We take care of your logistics while you focus on your business.

We have permanent warehouse staff who have in-depth knowledge of our customers’ goods and packaging requirements for shipping. Leave safe storage, packing and transport to us – so you can focus on the core of your own business.

In our warehouse hotels, we can perform

Receipt of Goods and Delivery of Goods

Order Packing

Pick and Pack



Emptying of import container

Sorting of goods

Storage Control/Inventory Management


Export Packing

Loading of export containers

as well as a great variety of other work

Advantages of letting us handle your storage:

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